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West World Communications, S.A. manufactures several Patented Central Office (CO) Critical Circuits Protectors, Keep-Out Plugs, & Tagging Devices. Thus, allowing to better protect your Critical Circuits on the front and the backside with in your Central Offices, across all of your regions.

Our DSX Patch Panel Protectors stay on the panel while monitoring or patching out the panel. No other protector on the market can make this claim. This is why West World Communications, S.A. is your manufacture of choice for better circuit protection, and higher security.  These hardware solutions are preferred over process solutions which allow for more human error.

Once you have used our product, we know you and your staff will consider standardizing your protection with our products.

Your Outside Plant will appreciate our Multi Functional Plastic Special Service Protector Critical Circuit Tags, Tie Wraps, Wire Wrap Post Protectors.  They are great in any kind of weather; extreme heat or cold.

Our company has maintained a high level of service for more than 41 Years. During this period, we have designed, patented in some cases Reversed Engineered products no longer in production.  We provide R&D for new products as Innovators and as a Manufacture.

We are seeking Partnering Relationships as Innovators and as a Manufacture.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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