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Our company has maintained a high level of service for more than 41 Years. Providing service to all the Baby Bells, independent phone companies, as well as to AT&T.

During this period, we have designed, patented, and manufactured Telecommunication Tagging & Protection Devices such as Critical Circuit Guards, Labels, Tags and Tag Dispensers for our nations Central Offices. All in a process to help Central Offices become certified.

During the AT&T days we designed and manufactured Phone Center point of purchase displays, such as acrylic literature racks, Poster Holders, phone center displays, Risers, nameplates, and Pedestals.

We manufactured custom chair mats, acrylic desk top covers, printer covers, interior signs & graphics, and fleet markings.

We are selling Peace of Mind through SPECS, which stands for:

Security, Protection, Ease of use, Caution, and Standardization. These all equal Functionality, Identification, Uniformity & Quality.

Based on the field’s indication of their on going needs to be satisfied, we are seeking a PARTNERING RELATIONSHIP, based on providing high quality innovative solutions.

There is also the issue of many suppliers either dropping their lines of tagging and protection, or in some cases, a few companies have just gone out of business. We seek the opportunity to fill those voids.

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